Success Is Where Preparation and Opportunity Meet

Whatever your ability or fitness level, Learn how to take your Performance to the next level. Gain confidence, Lose weight, Increase strength and definition, Minimise health issues, Stay Healthy and Live Longer. Why not train for your first obstacle race, Walk the Kokoda Trail, or even Climb Everest.... your goal is now our goal. DISCLAIMER/WARNING: side effects of exercise... it’s fun, it’s a mood changer, improved quality of life, you smile more, you look good, you have friends with the same interests, ... Good things come to those who sweat #playmore #havefun #smile

So you may have worked out what you want and what you need, You understand that it isnt going to just be handed to you on a platter ... its now time for YOU to do something about it. Its now time to turn that dream, that goal, that lifelong ambition into reality. Lets make those health issues disapear, lets make the gym a place you love to visit rather than dread, Its Time to Take Action.


Catherine Sheppard

Needed motivation to come into the gym to beat health and weight problems. Visible results and confidence were apparent in 7 weeks

Me and my husband both love her… and the results

Nicci Has been my PT for a year now and i absolutely love my sessions. She tailors the sessions to my ability and health problems. Each time we do a workout it is different so it makes it more interesting for me. Nicci is so encouraging and supporting, and gets results. My husband also now books with her too. He also loves his results. We both highly recommend her


Testimonial 3

Amy Le Fondre

Gained confidence and now enjoys getting up, working out and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle

I no longer dread going to the gym ….

I cant thank Nicci enough for transforming my lifestyle in such a short period of time, having only moved from the UK 18 months ago. Since my first session i have continued to grow in confidence with Nicci, as she introduces new exercises whilst encouraging me that i cam capable of perfecting each one. Being a mum of 3 children i often find it difficult to plan sessions in advance but Nicci understands this and is very flexible in order to ensure i get the workouts i need. Not only does she play a pivotal role in improving my physical fitness, she also advises me on a healthier diet and has become an amazing friend
to me. I no longer dread going to the gym and instead look forward to a healthier lifestyle out here in Australia, and i cant thank Nicci enough 🙂

Les Hardway

Achieved his goal of walking the Kokoda Trail with the help of Nicci

Nicci is a true leader who leads by example …

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