My name is Nicci. And i develop personal training programs for every-day heroes who build every-day dreams, with the aim of making those dream a reality. Making what was once impossible or improbable, possible
My story begins when i was a kid and my love of sport was evident, but school brings socialisation, and yes i was a little geeky with a passion for science and voila … exercise gets pushed to the backburner.
University satisfied the socialising and science so now what was next….
Upon realisation that dreams and experiences only happen when you make them happen a quick 1 yr post grad trip around the world was calling.


But there was a problem.

The quick trip ended up in a realisation that the outdoors lifestyle is what i wanted and needed, and the one place i found it, in spades, was in Australia. So here i stayed! I was young and in a new country so found new friends and life through the
passion of sport. A few years in and paddling lead me to representing and medalling for Australia around China and SE Asia. Lifelong friends, passion and drive were instilled.

Fast forward a bunch of years later after traveling the world, i found myself utilising my science degree in the world of pharmaceuticals, living in Australia.  …. Until i remembered my reason for living in Australia was for the lifestyle and not just for a paycheck. So i left the world of pharma, and started my own successful digital marketing company. I became settled and then boom …i had a family and 3 amazing young children!

Adventure races, obstacle races, fitness challenges were still paramount in my life and pushed me into the realms of the ultimate challenge, giving me 5 mins of fame in the TV for Ninja Warrior Australia. That was fun!

Inspirational friends were forged and decisions made to follow my ultimate dream. This dream involved science, biology, understanding human behaviour, and helping people reach their goals … everything that my previous life experiences had lined me up for!   I resigned from my own company and became a AIF Master Trainer Cert III/IV with my ultimate aim of trying to get the message across to everyone and anyone that whatever you dream, whatever you want to do, you really can do. If i can follow my dreams… you can too!

We dream it, then we do it - together - every day.