Looking to slim down, tone up, gain muscle and get healthier and fitter?

Goals are important. Setting goals will help you achieve more, help you put in more effort, and keep you motivated over time.
Having good fitness goals can help you push through feeling too tired to go to the gym or feeling uncomfortable because you aren’t sure what to do.
Goals give you a sense that you’re working towards something (instead of spinning your wheels with no progress).

Lifestyle goals will help you live the best life you can on a daily basis. This includes eating well, sleeping well, being happy and enjoying life.

Exercise will help you lose weight, tone up, lower the risk of certain diseases, its good for muscles, bones, brain health and memory, it also ensures you age well. Exercise also helps you feel happier and increases your energy levels. How can you not want all the above to be paramount in your life! Why would you not want to feel happy and healthy?

TNT will help give you that reason for firstly turning up to the gym, but also make you accountable for your goals. We can have a goal (anything from simply turning up, running for 2 mins, lifting your best 1RM, or doing your first pull up or push up (properly!) Whatever that goal is we will help you find it and make it a reality!

The main excuse we all have is time … I don’t have time to exercise. But 45 mins a day equates to not even 4% of your day! No more excuses …