Get Fit, Lose Some Weight, Tone up, Get Healthy, Do a Pull Up, Feel Good About Yourself, Time Out…
Do your first marathon, Walk the Kokoda Trail, Do an Obstacle Course Race, Run a UTA 100km

Simply give us a call or SMS on 0416 868737 us for a no obligation FREE FITNESS CONSULT (chat) and let us find out a little more about where you are at and how we can help you







WEEKLY PRICE - 1 on 1 Personal Training*

  • 1 x Weekly Personal Training Session $80
  • 2 x Weekly Personal Training Sessions $155
  • 3 x Weekly Personal Training Sessions $230


PACK PRICES - 1 on 1 Personal Training*

  • 10 Pack PT Sessions $720 (equiv to 1 x FREE PT session)
  • 20 Pack PT Sessions $1440 (equiv to 2 x FREE PT session)
  • 30 Pack PT Sessions $2160 (equiv to 3 x FREE PT session)

*24 hours notices is required for a cancellation of a Personal Training Session or the cost is required to be paid in full
*All sessions are based on a 45 min PT session. (There are  30 min or 60 min sessions available upon request)
*The above programs are on a 1:1 PT:Client basis with a TNT qualified cert IV Personal Trainer/Coach. Please let us know if you would prefer a small group PT session and how many you have in your group, or an onsite/home visit
*Payment can be made via direct deposit or cash and prior to the session starting. Details will be made available upon sign up and a waiver will be signed prior to your first work out.
*FREE Referral Program – If you refer a friend to TNT and that referee signs up to TNT for a month (or more) the referrer (you) will receive one FREE PT session as a thank you 🙂
*Pack Sessions   I    10 pack to be used within 3 months    I    20 Pack to be used within 6 months     I      30 Pack to be used within 9 months